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About BrowQueen®

BrowQueen® is an emerging Australian eyebrow product company specialising in supplying quality eyebrow products, including Brow Fix Pencils, Powder & Pomades, Brow Mascaras, and Brow Brushes.

Designed and formulated by beauty industry professionals, we are also experts at educating salon staff on all things brow related. All our products are trialled and tested in a local salon environment daily, with our clients absolutely delighted with the results.

Benefits of using BrowQueen® Eyebrow Tools:

  • Formulated to match natural brow colour
  • Creates volume and hides gaps with superior matt finish
  • Waterproof – perfect at the beach or wet weather conditions
  • Go from a natural day look to glamorous at night
  • Easy-to-use application and smooth glide technology.

You don’t need to overdo brow colour; your aim is to achieve a natural look that compliments and enhances your features and personality. If you have ever over-tweezed your brows, chances are you now want them back! Today the trends have shifted to fuller, bolder, naturally shaped brows.

Brows have gone a full circle; from meticulously defined pencil-thin brows, all the way back around today’s look of bold yet natural. You can have a natural-looking brow while still being groomed and maintained.

Whatever your preferred shape, colour, tint, or style, BrowQueen® can help you achieve instant brow perfection.

Meet the Founder and Creator of BrowQueen®

Hi, I am Annastasia, owner of BrowQueen®, and brows are my passion! I have over 25 years’ experience in the Beauty and Hairdressing Industry, and I regularly educate beauty therapists with my Salon Masterclasses. Beginning my career as a hairdresser helped me understand individual complexions and colourings and has enabled me to identify correct colours for eyebrows.

Working in beauty industry everyday helped me identify a gap in the market, so I created an eyebrow product range to suit the everyday natural brow.

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We’re always adding and updating the amazing range of BrowQueen® products.  Here are the latest additions to our line!

How to Brow

Keep up to date with the latest news and articles, as well as plenty of tips and tricks to keep your brows looking AMAZING

Powder & Pomade in Taupe

This product is great for lighter skins as it matches their natural brow color shade perfectly THE POWDER CAN BE USED FOR A NATURAL DAY LOOK Easy to use powder gives fullness and thickness to the brow like you see above on Tess OR USE POMADE FOR A NIGHT GLAM LOOK...

Powder & Pomade in Dark Brown

This product is great for darker skins or Tanned skins THE POWDER CAN BE USED FOR A NATURAL DAY LOOK Easy to use powder gives fullness and thickness to the brow like you see above on Angeline OR USE POMADE FOR A NIGHT GLAM LOOK Pomade highlights and gives you arches...

Powder & Pomade in Blonde

Powder and Pomade in Blonde would be perfect for this client with fairer skin and lighter Brows Easy to use powder gives fullness and thickness to the brow like you see above on Louise OR Alternatively use Brow Fix Pencil in Blonde Use the tip of the Blonde Brow Fix...
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